Meticulously finished the Investigation audit in East African countries (Kenya, Malawi, Zambia and Ruanda). Streamlined the project worth of USD$ 1.83 million within in the short time of 90 days, saved the time and money for their upcoming projects (telecom projects).
Successfully completed third-party stock audits to the borrowers funded by the financial institutions and bankers authenticating and correctness of utilization of funds to the particular projects, business or diversification of funds, if any. Based upon the reports some of the financial institutions were withdrawn their funding facilities with the suspicious borrowers and recovered the liability within the time frame.
Finalized receivable and payable audits to the corporates, verification of duplication of transactions, duping of expenditure, claiming fake allowances, misusing of funds, etc., by the middle level staff and detected the loopholes with a tune of Rs. 65 million and restructured the process for the entire business operations.
Experts in drafting business project reports in detail to help the organization to avail the funds from financial institutions. So far, we have helped many clients to ease their financial process.
We are associated with corporates on regular basis to monitor the day to day transactions, minimizing of taxations, error free operations from inventory level to financial level.